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Executive Admin / Client Service Admin - Fully Remote

Company: A2B Resources LLC
Location: Casper
Posted on: August 6, 2022

Job Description:

1.What are tangible and intangible benefits of this job?1. Work from home -Work from the safety and comfortable of your home. Be close to your family and pets. Apply your skills without having to move to another city.2. Job security -Full-time work with the same company that has processes, standards and methodology. The company is growing and adding positions.3. Job variety -Serve a variety of companies to expand your skills, no repetitive work that is boring.4. Save money on gas and car maintenance -With increasing gas costs, no commute means you don't pay for higher gas prices. No wear-and-tear on your car which reduces repair costs and maintenance costs.5. Save time -Working from home gives you back 2-3 hours each day from the commute. Use this time for your health, your family and your hobbies. No wasted commuting time. That's like getting a 10%-20% pay raise.6. Work Pacific Standard Time (PST) -So you can take kids to school, have breakfast with family or exercise before you start your work day7. Work in a professional environment -Be surrounded by professionals who enjoy serving others2. What are the major results or outcomes to be accomplished by the person in this job?1. Client meetings set up promptly (within 1-3 hours of receiving info) with correct attendees2. Client meetings are accurately and completely tracked in meeting tracker (to be completed 1-3 hours after meeting is scheduled)3. Meeting agendas are sent to chat for team review/approval 1-2 days before meeting occurs4. Completed meeting agendas are sent to attendees 1-2 days before meetings occur5. Meeting follow general topics outlined in agenda6. After meeting is completed, update agenda for open action items and follow up on next steps timely (within 1 day)7. After meeting is completed, meeting tracker is updated, updated agenda is added to sharefile, notes added to sharefile, and move recording to appropriate folder within 1 day8. Client details are updated within 1 day in internal database (as needed)3. What are the most frequent and most essential work activities in this job?1. Accurately coordinate and schedule meetings with needed attendees via chat or email2. Post meeting invite in chat for team review/approval3. Send meeting invites by email4. Update excel meeting tracker file timely, accurately, completely in centralized location5. Update the status for meetings being scheduled (not started, in progress, completed)6. Prepare meeting agendas in excel using standard forms for review (put in chat for team review/approval)7. Send meeting agendas to attendees via email before meeting8. Update meeting agendas for attendees, open action items after meeting occurs9. Read and follow meeting script for agenda10. Follow up and act on on open action items11. Save updated agenda, notes, and recordings to appropriate file in sharefile12. Listen to meetings or read emails to identify client personal details like birthdays, vacations, promotions, anniversaries13. Update the client personal info in system accurately14. Notify internal teams of important events or changes in personnel4. What team members and how many are supervised/managed by the person in this job? None5. What are the primary people contacts in this job?With whom / What purpose / How often?1. Clients - DailyA. Schedule meetings2. Project admins - DailyA. Coordinate deadlines, files to send to clients3. Blueprint team - WeeklyA. Coordinate files to send to clients4. Client service team - DailyA. Schedule meetings6. What is the dress code?You will be on camera all day and in meetings and need to be professionally visibleAcceptable:Business Casual wear such as:1. Collared Shirt2. Polo Shirt3. Button-Down Shirt4. Blouse5. Sports/ Suit Jacket6. Jacket (Business)Not Acceptable:1. Tank Tops2. T-Shirts3. See-Through Fabric4. Low Cut Shirts5. Sweatshirts6. Athletic Tops7. Hoodies8. Beachwear9. Sleepwear/ Pajamas7. What are the prerequisites for this job?1. Required: Intermediate Excel skills2. Required: Reliable, consistent internet connection3. Required: Ability to work with several clients at a time4. Required: Ability to work with a diverse global team from all cultures5. Required: Ability to work remotely and be accountable with your time6. Required: Ability to understand that needs change, be adaptable7. Required: Ability to work extended hours for client needs occasionally8. What are the toughest parts of this job on a day-to-day basis?1. Juggling competing deadlines on short-notice (daily, weekly)2. Adapting to changing priorities daily3. Time constraints to complete tasks effectively4. Teams needing your immediate attention (possible conflict with other team/client)5. Learning to depend on additional resources6. Relying on additional resources when your systems aren't working9. What is the compensation / job type / benefits?1. Rate: $17 - $202. Job Type: Full-time contract to start; potential transition to full-time employee3. Benefits:As contractor, no additional benefitsAs employee, you will be eligible to participate in 401K plan, PTO accrual, 10 paid holidays, medical insurance reimbursement (not 100%)10. Shift/Hours Info:1. We work on Pacific Standard Time (PST) zone. So, while the hours have some flexibility, it will be important to be available for any required meetings that may be outside of your normal shift time, due to some clients being in different time zones. Weekly average hours are 42. The range could be from 40-50 hours per week depending on project deadlines.Example Range: 7AM PST - 5PM PST / 10AM EST - 8PM EST (include breaks in between range of hours)11. What behavioral traits, attitudes and skills are required?1. Resourcefulness -Ability to suggest solutions given resource constraints, figuring out how to get over/under/around obstacles to meet goal. AND do it. Self correcting. Learns from mistakes and do differently next time.2. Organization -Plans, organizes, schedules in productive way. Focus on key priorities.3. Work ethic -Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done. Has a track record of working hard.4. Clear Communication -Speaks and writes clearly without being overly verbose in all forms of communication5. Teamwork6. Attention to detail -Ensures important details get passed on and not derail a project7. Proactiveness -Acts without being told to suggest recommendations and solutions for client, brings new ideas to team without being told what to do8. Effective -Able to produce significant output with minimal waste9. Culture and mission fit -Enjoys fast pace, collaboration, continual learning while helping clients and team grow

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